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Product Description

SUNKOLL TILE GROUT is a superior quality and higher polymer modified hydrophobic cement grout used for interior and natural stonein wall and floor areas. for batter performance it is recommended to use with SUNKOLL bond repair.


Used for tile grouting 1mm to 4mm in both interior and exterior area s. kitchens, bathroom, balconies, terraces, swimming-pools, show rooms etc.


  • Colour – fast
  • Easy to mix, apply and clean up
  • Smooth & glossy finish
  • Water resistance formation
  • Mould resistance
  • Non – cracking

Methods & site conditions


  • Clean and remove all loose particles
  • Make sure that the tiles joints are clean and saturated and excess water is removed from joints before grouting.

Mixing Ratio

  • Use approx 300ml to 400ml of water with SUNKOLL tile grout 200 ml for 1 kg. of tile grout.
  • No water curing (non wet) required when used with SUNKOLL bond repair.


Varies with tiles size and grout width

Packaging: 500gm & 1 kg.


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