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Sunkoll Concrete Mixture

Concrete -4

Sunkoll Concrete mixture contents blend of specialized active ingredients to which will help in making concrete waterproof which can even resist water through hydrostatic pressure. It is resistant to oils, greases, petroleum products, acids, bases, glycols, and many other chemicals. The membrane will not support biological growth such as molds or algae, nor will it allow root penetration. And increases cohesiveness property, workability, surface finish and durability.

Areas of application

Prepare a smooth, clean surface for installation by removing all substances which could inhibit bonding of the membrane and waterproofing system. Contaminants such as dirt, debris, loose materials, moisture and surface irregularities should be removed.

Used as a water- impermeable protection of concrete surfaces. eg. Basement slab, sunken slab, terrace slab, overhead, and sump tank.


  • Concrete containing concrete mixture is resistant to water penetration either under conditions of hydrostatic pressure or capacity absorption.
  • Has long durability
  • Attack of Sulphate is reduced because of Sulphate bearing ground water being resisted.
  • Improves the cohesive properties of the concrete thus reducing segregation and eliminating bleeding of particular use with sea dredged aggregates and sands.
  • The concrete workability is improved.
  • The surface finish of the concrete is improved.

Packing: 150ml, 500ml, 1 ltr, 3 ltr, 5ltr, 10ltr, 20ltr

Concrete -4
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